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A cat owner has been forced to post notes to her neighbours reassuring them they haven’t killed her cat due to the moggy’s continuous attention-seeking pranks.

Lolly the cat likes to lie down motionless in the road with his eyes closed and tongue hanging out, tricking motorists into thinking he has died as a result of a tragic accident.

Mum-of-two Lesley Southam says her mischievous pet is simply after some concerned attention and has even created a flyer to post through letterboxes to warn others on the street in Banbury about his behaviour.

“He just loves attention and people,” said the 47-year-old. “He can lay so still people will stop to check he is alive.

“He’s literally famous at this end of town. Everybody knows Lolly.”

It’s not the only prank 14-year-old Lolly is known for, as he often enjoys jumping into stranger’s cars and making himself at home after wandering into offices.

The note posted around the neighbourhood includes a picture of the prankster cat and reads: “Hi, my name is Lolly.

“My favourite thing is people and pretending I am dead at the side of the road.

“I am also quite old and ignorant. Please don’t worry about me.

“All the local businesses and vets know my owners. If you’re really worried call my mum.

“I have also been known to get into vehicles.”

Lesley included her mobile number for people to get in touch if they had any concerns.

Lolly lives with Lesley, her husband, kids Cameron, 13 and Milly, 12, as well as two other cats.

Lesley added: “Local school children on the way to school sing him songs and give him cuddles.

“He is known to catch a lift in pharmaceuticals vehicles if they are not watching and spent two days in the offices of the Finnes Centre being treated like a king.”