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SEC athletic directors meeting Monday to discuss fall sports scheduling

The 14 athletic directors from the Southeastern Conference are scheduled to meet in-person on Monday at conference headquarters in Birmingham, Ala. to discuss the fall sports calendar, according to Pat

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Money can buy happiness: New study on income and happiness finds growing divide

Money can’t buy happiness, the saying goes, but it seems to be more closely connected than before. A new study at San Diego State University found a correlation between happiness

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‘Disaster’ U.S. earnings loom, but investors try and look beyond

U.S. companies are preparing to open their books on a quarter that is set to show the biggest earnings fall since the financial crisis, leaving investors looking for light at

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Hong Kong was a ‘safe harbor’ for tech companies shut out of China. Not anymore

For decades, Silicon Valley giants shut out of China by the country’s massive censorship apparatus have continued to operate in Hong Kong thanks to the city’s unique political status that

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Street dog who lost her nose after being hit by train finds a loving rescue home

A street dog who lost her nose when she was hit by a train has finally found a loving home after being rescued by an animal welfare charity. Moaca, an

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