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Cam Newton meets up with N’Keal Harry for workout

Cam Newton is continuing the process of developing relationships with his new Patriots teammates this week. Newton met up with wide receiver Mohamed Sanu in Los Angeles last week so

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New database aims to make Alzheimer’s diagnosis easier and earlier

Do you get nervous when you can’t think of a word? Chances are it’s a momentary lapse, but problems with language are one of the symptoms that can indicate a

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Twitter could launch a subscription option

Twitter may be working on a paid product and investors seem thrilled about it. Shares of Twitter (TWTR) rose 8% Wednesday afternoon following a job posting that said the company

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Man discovers use for crackers’ jagged edges – and it’s blowing people’s minds

Cheese and crackers are the perfect after-dinner (or literally any other time) snack we always manage to find room for. But it turns out we may have all been missing

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